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Nice Brazil is a deputy of Europe for Brazilian Vocal music. Find out here about her projects with pictures, videos and music.

NICE BRAZIL is born in Sao Paulo - Brazil. She started her career as an actress in Theater. Many years she worked in Theater and Kids musicals in Sao Paulo. Since beginning of the 90s she lives in Germany and in the meantime she participated into different musical projects and festivals in Europa e.g. Festival da Jazz - St. Moritz-Ch, Internationale Stuttgarter Jazztage, Jazzfestival VSSwingt (The Jazzfestival in the Southwest), Tollwood Festival München, Festival Viva Afro Brasil - Tübingen.

Concerts and engagements in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

My passion for music began in my childhood in São Paulo, my hometown. With the music of the Radio and major festivals. With the protest and revolt against the military dictatorship, present in the poetry of composers such as Chico Buarque, Geraldo Vandré and Joao Bosco. With MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), with Bossa Nova. And last but not least the great interpreters of Brazilian music, Jazz and Pop music.

Later, my experience as an actress in theater and musicals for kids would further reinforce my desire to deepen myself in the creative work of vocal expression. My greatest wish was to devote myself both body and soul to this work. At that time the fascination for music and theater led me to an interest in different musical styles and their interpretations. This interest and fascination with music are still omnipresent.

For me it is a real happiness to express myself through music and have the prestige to share that passion not only with my musicians, but also with you,  fan of the Brazilian music.



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